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CausewayEXchange 2016 The Expanded Role of Arts and Culture

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SINGAPORE, August 2016 --(ASIA TODAY)-- Encountering art in pitch darkness. Bringing laughter to the bedridden. Equipping children with skills to make their own production within a week. Looking at a Malaysia you didn’t know.

Cross border relationships between Singapore and Malaysia is set to take on a new dimension this September when CausewayEXchange (CEX) presents a series of performances and productions that aims to brings arts and culture to places we do not usually think about such as a health institution.

Founded in 2010 and since then the only annual platform for artistic and cultural activities between the two countries, CausewayEXchange (CEX) has in the past six years presented close to 250 artists across all arts genres and attracted an audience of 30,000 from all walks of life in both countries.

Co-organised by DMR Productions and Global Cultural Alliance Ltd, CEX 2016 will be held in Singapore across various venues (Malay Heritage Centre, 10 Square @ Orchard Central, the Pavilion @ Far East Square and Alexandra Hospital) and it aims to expand audiences’ experience of arts and culture through presentations that explores the disciplines of art therapy and healing.

Says DMR Productions’ Shawn Lourdusamy who is founder and co-organiser of CEX 2016: “For the past six years we have presented artists from both sides of the Causeway in galleries and theatre spaces or in public spaces that are easily accessible. In this year’s iteration, we recognise that the arts has a bigger role to play than just to entertain, provoke or address social issues; the arts also plays a role in the therapy or healing of the mind and body and a tool that can help us empathise with the strata of society who do not enjoy the same advantages or abilities as most of us.

More importantly, this expanded mission of CEX will allow artists from both sides of the Causeway to engage with communities they otherwise may not get a chance to.” Highlights for this year’s CEX include:

1. Arts Beyond Sight: an experiential arts exhibition set in a totally darkened space of around 2,000 square meters where visitors will get to experience art with all their senses except that of sight. Visitors will touch, hear, smell and taste their way through an exhibition guided by trained visually impaired guides.

2. Music & Healing: a concert, talk and comedian presentation from Malaysia at one of Singapore’s leading hospitals.

3. Main Wayang: Hikayat Sang Kancil: This multi-disciplinary production brings together animation, theatre, VJ-ing, puppetry and ‘live’ music. It will see Kuala Lumpur-based theatre group called Main Wayang work with children from lowincome families in Singapore to create a re-telling of the popular Malay folktale about a mouse deer.

Another highlight of CEX is a planned showcase of Malaysian artisans and musicians at the Malaysia Pavilion located in the Central Business District (CBD) which will be presented with servings of local and Malaysian food.

A Malaysian Film Festival curated by veteran filmmaker Hassan Muthalib will see a showing of recent box-office hits whose themes range from building communal ties to the thriller genre.

Also new to CEX is a series of talks entitled Teh Talks by young and upcoming creative entrepreneurs from Malaysia and Singapore. This series aims as much as to share as to explore new opportunities in the creative and cultural sectors in both countries.

Says Phan Ming Yen, CEO of Global Cultural Alliance, co-organiser of CEX 2016: “CEX will also present theatre productions such as Home and Zulaikha which explore themes that reflect the anxieties faced by today’s youth as well as that of the conflict between tradition and modernity. With its expanded mission to explore areas of therapy and healing and in working with a health institution as well as an arts exhibition in which visitors are guided by visually impaired, CEX reflects the cultural exchange between Malaysia and Singapore at an even deeper level than we are previously accustomed to.”

CausewayEXchange 2016 will be held in Singapore between 1 and 11 September.

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