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‘Bloc of Democratic Forces’ created in Uzbek parliament

Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, March 14 By Demir Azizov– Trend: The factions of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP) and the Democratic Party Milliy Tiklanish (National revival) decided to form the ‘Bloc of Democratic Forces’ in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament’s lower house).

The announcement was made by the chairman of the executive committee of the political council and leader of the UzLiDeP parliamentary faction Sodikjon Turdiyev and chairman of Milliy Tiklanish party, faction head Sarvar Otamuradov at the briefing on Mar.14.

The ‘Bloc of Democratic Forces’ will operate on the basis of the cooperation agreement signed between the factions of the two parties.

It was noted that the decision to create the bloc was adopted taking into account the closeness of the positions of UzLiDeP and Milliy Tiklanish on the most important issues of development of economic, political, humanitarian and judicial sphere. The aim is to combine the efforts for the effective implementation of the tasks for modernization of the country and democratic renewal of the society.

The legal basis for creating the bloc is the constitutional law "On strengthening the role of political parties in the renewal and further democratization of state governance and modernization of the country". This law envisages the possibility of formation of the parliamentary majority that can bring together several factions of parties creating a bloc based on the closeness or coincidence of their program objectives.

This is while alongside with the preliminary discussion of the issues and working out the coordinated position on them, the factions of the parties that have created a bloc maintain the right to operate in accordance with the program objections and tasks.

The main task of the ‘Bloc of Democratic Forces’ is the effective implementation of the program of organizational and legal measures, legislative, control and analytical work of the Legislative Chamber for 2015 and subsequent years. This also includes the initiation and promotion of legislation necessary for the modernization of the country, ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms, maintaining national traditions and values.

MPs believe that the union of factions in the block will allow to resolve the priority program tasks determined in the pre-election platforms of the parties.

The election to the Legislative Chamber was held on Dec.21, 2014 – Jan.4, 2015. The Liberal Democratic Party got the largest number of seats (52) as a result of the election. Moreover, Democratic Party Milly Tiklanish got 36 seats, People’s Democratic Party – 27 and the Social Democratic Party Adolat (Justice) - 20 seats. Additionally, 15 MPs from the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan were elected at the conference of this public organization by secret ballot.

Uzbekistan’s bicameral parliament was created in 2005. Its legislative chamber permanently employs 150 MPs.

The upper house – Senate – employs 100 MPs elected in equal numbers, i.e. six MPs from the Karakalpakstan Republic, provinces and the city of Tashkent. Another 16 members of the Senate are appointed by Uzbek president from among the most distinguished citizens.

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