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Happy New Year 2015

What really give us a festive mood

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Happy New Year 2015 - By Amina Nazarli New Year is a special holiday loved by both children and adults. People around the world, regardless of their religion, language and nationality celebrate this magical holiday within their own traditions. All of them hope for good luck, happiness and joy.

They believe that fulfillment of the upcoming year depends on how you spend your New Years Eve.

Its is a real celebration of light. Bright lights, garlands and candles make this holiday memorable and unforgettable. For many people, this day is associated with comfort and joy, fun and laughter.

But what really give us a festive mood, of course - symbol of every New Year - is evergreen Christmas tree.

For many families, it is a tradition to decorate their houses and a Christmas tree. A few days before the holiday, all the family members gather around the tree to lavishly decorate it with colorful balls, toys and lights.

Do you know that the first glass New Year decorations were made in Sweden in the 19th century?

The festive air is felt not only at homes, but also in brightly lighted dark and boring streets. Bright Christmas trees of unimaginable sizes have already decorated Azerbaijan's capital, and brought a sense of delight to everyone.

Children are waiting desperately for a miracle in the New Year's Eve. But what a big happiness comes to them, when New Year arrives with fluffy snow, covering all around.

Ohh, I almost forgot about gifts. Here, not only children, but also adults look forward to exchanging "non Santa" gifts. Everyone are anxiously waiting to see what is inside of these alluring wrapped colorful gifts.

New Year is a family holiday and people want to meet it together with their relatives and friends. For some people it is a time for family reunion and sharing, caring and giving.

In Azerbaijan, this holiday is traditionally celebrated at home. From the early morning, families begin to prepare for the evening making it more comfortable and unforgettable. Rich and beautiful table, with tasty national and foreign dishes are arranged for the evening.

In recent years, there is a new trend to spend the New Year evening outdoors. People go to the restaurants. Young generation like to attend special Christmas parties with loud music and dance in some parts of the capital. People also like to enjoy concerts and entertainment programs by many national and famous foreign singers.

Some people, contrariwise, want to move away from the bustling city and prefer to visit regions’ holiday resorts. Here, the main tourist hubs of the country is located near the Gusar, the north region of the country, Shahdag mountain resort, which has turned into the most frequently visited destination for many Azerbaijanis over the past couple of years.

Second, Azerbaijani ski resort Tufandag, in Gabala is also attracting visitors during the New Year.

In conclusion, no matter where you are, just try to share the spirit of peace, joy and cheer on this occasion with your acquaintances and loved ones. We wish you happy New Year!


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