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Largest cake in Oman

Huge cake that weighed more than 1,000 kg

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OMAN: 44-metre-long cake was made with 4,440 eggs, 400 kg of sugar and 400 kg of flour — By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT — It was a sweet treat at the Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissa Resort and Spa when a huge cake that weighed more than 1,000 kgs and decorated with the national colours stunned everyone yesterday. The special invitees at the occasion were given a bit of the cake that was 44 metres long and made by a team of 5 chefs — pastry chefs and sous chefs who worked 5 days — some in shifts and some round-the-clock. “It’s our endeavour to celebrate the 44th Omani National Day in our own way”, Wolfgang Schwaerzler, ‎Executive Pastry Chef told the Observer, thanking the management for their support to the creative idea.

The ingredients, the most interesting part, have been all either 4 and multiples of four to commemorate the digit 44. “We used all figure 4 for our recipe, say 4,440 eggs, 400 kg sugar, 400 kg flour, 400 kg custard, 40 kg strawberry jam, 40 kg blueberry jam, 40 kg of chocolates chips to make this cake that weighs 1,000 plus kilogrammes”, he added. The various parts were made in pieces in the kitchen and were assembled in the pool area and it took nearly 12 hours to give the final touch. The total cost of the cake would come to the tune of RO 2,000 “We introduced the concept some 2 years ago and it is still continuing as an elite programme of the Hotel year after year”.

The cake was later cut and distributed among the visitors, the nearby villages, and others who passed by the hotel. Having briefed about the mammoth preparations for the special day, the chef sounded a tinge of unhappiness because his beloved leader is not in town. “This time around, our celebrations are not hi-fi because our leader is not in town and we hope next year will be better celebrations with God’s grace. My team feels it is easier to make 2015 than 2014”, the pastry chef laughed.


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