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All parties in Uzbekistan submit documents for upcoming election

Uzbekistan will hold the parliamentary election on Dec. 21

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Oct. 7 By Demir Azizov – Trend: The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU) submitted the necessary documents to the Central Election Commission (CEC) to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Uzbekistan will hold the parliamentary election on Dec. 21, 2014.

Thus, all the political parties of Uzbekistan i.e. the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal-Democratic Party, the Democratic Party ‘Milly Tiklanish’, PDPU, and the Social Democratic Party ‘Adolat’ submitted their documents to the CEC.

In order to take part in the election, the parties needed to submit an application, and a certificate of the Justice Ministry proving that they were registered within the statutory period.

The parties also needed to submit sign-up sheets. Each party was required to gather at least 40,000 signatures of voters supporting its participation in the election.

The number of signatures, collected in one administrative territorial entity of Uzbekistan, can’t exceed 8 percent of the required number of the signatures.

A working group is checking whether the sign-up sheets are drawn up correctly or not.

The group is comprised of the CEC members, representatives of the public organizations, interior affairs and judicial authorities, and the agencies that conduct the population’s registration. The authorized representatives of each political party are also taking part in this work.

On the basis of the submitted documents, the CEC will make a final decision regarding the approval of the parties’ participation in the election.

The parties will start nominating their MP candidates on Oct. 17.

Uzbekistan’s bicameral parliament was created in 2005. Its legislative chamber permanently employs 150 MPs from four political parties and the Uzbek Ecological Movement. They were elected in Dec. 2009 for a five-year period.

Four political parties have been represented in the legislative chamber since the parliamentary election of 2009.

They are the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal-Democratic Party, People's Democratic Party, Democratic Party ‘Milly Tiklanish’ and Social Democratic Party ‘Adolat’.

The parliament’s upper house, known as the Senate, employs 100 MPs elected in equal numbers, i.e. six MPs from the Karakalpakstan Republic, regions and the city of Tashkent.

Aside from that, 16 members of the Senate are appointed by the Uzbek president from among the most distinguished citizens.

Uzbek population is 31 million people, and over 20 million of them are potential voters.> Trend

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