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Politics is wrecking the economy and the nation

UN should be reformed at the General Assembly

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The following is an interview with President Ts.ELbegdorj about timely issues on Mongolia’s  economy, legislations, and government related issues.

You declared that the UN should be reformed at the General Assembly of the UN. Can you comment on this?

Well, the UN reform has been discussed for many years. Mongolia didn’t initiate this topic but have only agreed with and joined this position.

Some experts predict your next move to be towards the UN. As a politician, do you have policies towards the UN? Do you have any personal interests?

Every international organization, including the UN, has its own internal regulation. It’s almost impossible for people aspiring to join international organizations to be able to work for them. There are plenty of people hoping to work for them and do something they can do internationally. For me, daydreaming about these things is a waste of time.

As a president, you’ve accomplished many things and contributed greatly in promoting Mongolia internationally.

I’m just a man doing his job. The people entrusted me to complete works for the nation and I’m carrying them out. If everyone does their work, Mongolia will develop. My main foreign policy is to increase the weight of Mongolia whether it’s internationally, regionally, or at the level of discussing with our neighbors. I only hope for Mongolia’s weight and value to increase. I sincerely hope to do this.

Mongolia is working exceptionally on foreign policy. The main issue lies in domestic policy. Foreigners view that Mongolia’s main problems are internal. How will domestic issues be resolved? What will happen to Mongolia’s economy?

We need to be more optimistic. This economic difficulty isn’t a decline. There will be a turnover. Politics is sabotaging the economy and the nation. We’re wrecking the nation by turning endevours to flourish the country into politics. I always say that the force to restrict rather than to liberate and the force to halt development rather than to develop is higher in Mongolia. I assess the approach to criticize and disapprove this sort of adversity as a good thing since we’re an open society.

The few businessmen producing goods in Mongolia are pressured by taxes and are regionally restricted. Many of them are put to detention facilities. Shouldn’t Mongolia enforce economic amnesty? You made a huge advancement by abolishing the death penalty. Where will you head next with this issue?

This question consists of so many things within itself. The government initiated and submitted the law of economic amnesty. This draft will probably consist of things that are possible and impossible to do. I think we should see what happens after it’s legally and publicly discussed. The government should bravely grasp the most urgent and fundamental economic issues and determine it.

For example, what sort of urgent issues?

For example, there’s a huge social sector including the education, health and culture. Not a single renovation or personal initiation has been put forward into this field. If it is put forward, the Mongolian economy can stimulate and flourish to the same level as when apartments were privatized and livestock were distributed to herders. Additionally, financial operations are executed through banks. This is how assets are being built. There is a secondary market, which builds funds. This operation must be intensified quickly and adjusted to international standards. At the moment, it’s at halt.

Mongolia has a total debt of some trillion MNT. Mongolia has resources to transform it into an opportunity and profit. We have to grab that opportunity.

There are significant infrastructure issues. When we were negotiating with our two neighbors about transit railways, the government settled the issue immediately. Property related issues should be resolved. National entities should be supported effectively and efficiently. more...

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