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UN Names Three-Member Panel to Probe Gaza Conflict War Crimes

UN named the panel, Alamuddin, who is engaged to be married to George Clooney

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United Nations:  The UN has named three experts as members of an independent inquiry commission that will probe possible human rights violations and war crimes committed, particularly in the Gaza Strip, during the recent conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
The United Nations Human Rights Council announced that London-based British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, professor of international criminal law William Schabas and Doudou Diene from Senegal, a United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, will form the independent Commission of Inquiry.
The Council had decided, by a vote of 29 countries, including India, in favour, with 17 abstentions and a sole negative vote by the United States, to launch the inquiry at its emergency meeting in July.
The resolution requested that the commission present a written report to the Human Rights Council at its session in March 2015.
The panel would investigate purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly in the Gaza Strip since the conflict began on June 13.
Even as the UN named the panel, Alamuddin, who is engaged to be married to Hollywood actor George Clooney, said in a statement that she would not be taking up the new UN role.
"I was contacted by the UN about this for the first time this morning. I am honoured to have received the offer, but given existing commitments -- including eight ongoing cases -- unfortunately could not accept this role," Alamuddin said.
"I wish my colleagues who will serve on the commission courage and strength in their endeavours," she said in the statement quoted by the Guardian.
Alamuddin said she is "horrified" by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties that have been caused, and "strongly believes that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed."
Alamuddin specialises in international law and human rights and has worked at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and as legal adviser to the Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
Schabas, who hails from Canada, is a professor of international criminal law and human rights and served on the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission until 2004. Schabas, a member of the UN Voluntary Fund for Technical Cooperation in Human Rights, will serve as the commission's Chair.

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