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Cambodia´s opposition leader plays racist card

Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen

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Cambodia has been ruled for nearly 25 years by Hun Sen. His biggest rival is Sam Rainsy, who, in his struggle for power, has made use of widespread racism toward the Vietnamese.

"We must free our country from the hands of this leadership," opposition leader Sam Rainsy harangued during a speech in the United States. "The leadership is destroying our country, murdering it bit by bit. They are giving the 'yuon' the chance to kill Cambodia." In Cambodia's Khmer language, 'yuon' was a derogatory term for the Vietnamese.

Rainsy repeatedly makes use of national resentments toward Vietnam and the ethnic Vietnamese minority in the country to raise his political profile. About five percent of Cambodians are of Vietnamese extraction.

Karl-Heinz Golzio, a historian who has written an extensive history of Cambodia, is watching this development with concern.

He criticizes Hun Sen for corruption and nepotism, but also Rainsy for exploiting the country's widespread xenophobia toward Vietnam and the Vietnamese. > more...

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