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Fears over growing Chinese industry in Laos

The road signs are all in Chinese

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Lao people live surrounded by Chinese stores and Chinese road signs in Boten news


Boten, Laos: Chinese investment in neighbouring Laos has locals worried that the rubber plantations and casinos it is setting up are damaging their way of life, reports the BBC

The Lao government has been leasing land to China for 60 years. In northern Laos, China's expansion is especially visible in the mountainous areas south of Boten, where once forested areas have been cleared for monoculture rubber plantations managed by Chinese companies.

Those companies frequently receive tax waivers and subsidies from Beijing as part of a wider policy to combat opium cultivation and better integrate remote Lao and Myanmar border areas into wider regional markets, according to the Transnational Institute (TNI), a Netherlands-based international network of researchers and activists.

BBC further reports that, in Boten, the road signs are all in Chinese, staff in the hotels speaks Mandarin, and the town's main strip is a line of food stalls selling dumplings and fried duck, outside which young Chinese prostitutes parade up and down until all hours of the night. Source: BBC more…


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