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Venice biennale to showcase Taiwan's geography

Venice Architectural Biennale

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By  June Tsai

Taiwan’s pavilion at this year’s International Architecture Exhibition in Venice will highlight the geographical diversity of the island, delegation leader and curator Liou Ke-fung said July 31 in Taipei City.

“The design sheds light on Taiwan’s architectural practices shaped by local geological conditions,” Liou said. “Similarly, it demonstrates their impact on living space and is in keeping with the event theme of ‘Common Ground.’”

Taiwan’s seventh appearance at the Venice Architectural Biennale is significant in that participating architects will use corrugated board to demonstrate their ideas, utilizing the material’s close-to-nature appearance.

The pavilion is designed by architects Liao Wei-li and Michael Lin, and engineered by construction specialist Liao Ming-pin. Featuring architectural and film projects, the exhibition space will be divided into two floors 1.5-meters high.

Lin has reconstructed the living environment of a typical Taiwan family on the lower floor, while Liao has simulated the change in ecology and geography corresponding with the increase in height on the upper. This transition mirrors real-life surrounds on the island where over 200 mountain peaks rise higher than 3,000 meters above sea level.

Renowned filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang will screen “Dream Walking,” a documentary on the construction of the pavilion, in the exhibit.

“The film attempts to slow the passage of visitors through the pavilion and encourage them to pause, ponder and appreciate,” he said. “The corrugated board also plays a part in this process by inviting one to linger and inspect its structure.”

Liou said he expects the design of Taiwan’s exhibit to help establish a form of dialogue with the 500-year-old Palazzo delle Prigioni, the historic structure in which the pavilion will be housed.

The biennale runs from Aug. 27 to Nov. 25 in Venice, Italy. (JSM) source: Taiwan Today


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