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Mongolian Pride-Horse Race now registered in Guinness World Records

Thousands of visitors of both national and foreign origin were gathered

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Mongolia: On the initiative of the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers (FMHRST), the “Parade of 10,000 Horses” took place on Friday, while “Mongol Horse 3,000″ horse race was held on Saturday at Khui Doloon Khudag for being recognized in the Guinness World  Records and promoting the Mongolian horse, a breed with a rich history of centuries, to countries worldwide. Yet, instead of 10,000, over 11,000 horses from all 21 provinces marched in a mounted parade, while 4,249 horses raced  instead of 3,000. Mongolia successfully registered its horse parade and horse race with the Guinness World Records and was granted a certificate for the accomplishment.

Thousands of visitors of both national and foreign origin were gathered to witness the festivities.

Though 26 jockeys fell off their horses during the race, none received major injuries according to an official of the National Authority for Children who said, “Hearing of the race of thousands of horses, the public was concerned about the safety of child jockeys during the race, but no jockey was injured as the race was very orderly and organized under tight responsibilities. We want to request the FMHRST to organize every future race in this safe manner.”

To validate the parade and race, and register them with Guinness World Records, Guinness Adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi came to Ulaanbaatar from London. She said on Saturday, “I watched the biggest horse parade in the world yesterday of 11,000 horses. Today, I had the great opportunity to witness a horse race enrolling over 4,000 horses, which is the highest number on record. I see that little Mongolian jockeys are undoubtedly masters at riding race horses. Mongolians successfully registered their horse parade and race in the Guinness World Records.”

When she granted the Certificate of Guinness World Records to the head of FMHRST, M.Enkhbold, spectators were cheering. M.Enkhbold said, “This year is the 750th anniversary of the ‘Ministry of Horses’ which was founded during the Khublai Khan period. Our federation initiated the parade and race to honor the anniversary and we are so glad that we could register them in the Guinness World Record. Also, we were delighted that the number of horses surmounted the originally planned number of 3,000 and 11,000. Yes we could register them. This was a result of not only the hard work of FMHRST, but also of our people of Mongolia.”

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