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Dozens killed in major blaze at South Korean sports centre

29 people died and leaving dozens injured

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JECHEON, South Korea - In a horrific incident on Thursday, a major fire broke out at a public sauna in South Korea killing at least 29 people and leaving dozens injured.

Officials said on Thursday, the major blaze broke out at a building housing a sports centre and public bath in the South Korean city of Jecheon.

They added that the fire broke out around 4 pm local time (7am GMT) and quickly engulfed the entire eight-storey building, leaving many trapped inside.

The National Fire Agency said that 16 victims were found at the public sauna and two elsewhere in the building.

Local footage broadcast footage showing the building being consumed by flames and sending dark plumes of smoke into the air, as several people stood waiting to be rescued from an outdoor terrace.

An agency spokesman has stated that the fire is believed to have started in a parking lot on the first floor and had been mostly put out.

Yet, authorities said that the death toll may rise further as firefighters continue to search the building.

The spokesman added, “The fire produced so much toxic smoke so quickly, leaving many people unable to evacuate.”

The city where the deadly blaze was witnessed, Jecheon, is in central South Korea, about 120 kilometres (75 miles) southeast of the capital Seoul.

Later on Thursday, South Korean President Moon Jae-In expressed regret over the accident and urged officials "utmost efforts" for rescue and search operations.


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