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Las Vegas shooting: Man opens fire at concert killing dozens

The social media was immediately flooded by photos

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LAS VEGAS, U.S. - In a mass shooting, a gunman opened fire at an outdoor music concert in Las Vegas, killing 20 people and leaving over 100 others injured.

The man, identified as a Las Vegas man, opened fire at the concert, sending thousands fleeing as SWAT teams rushed in to search for the attacker. 

Soon after, the suspect was shot and killed by the police who found him on a high-level hotel floor at Mandalay Bay and Casino.

The social media was immediately flooded by photos and videos and messages from relatives and friends of those at the concert.

The videos showed that country singer Jason Aldean’s performance outside the hotel at Route 91 Harvest, at the country music festival was interrupted by the sound of automatic gunfire. 

As the music died down, panic gripped concertgoers ducked for cover, trying to rush out, despite some people called for people to, “Get down. Stay down.”

Soon after the first reports of the shooting reached officers, several SWAT teams were sent to the hotel at 10:08 p.m.

According to the emergency radio traffic, officers reported being pinned down by gunfire. 

Then, shortly before midnight, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that “one suspect is down.” 

The police also said they did not believe there were any more active gunmen.

Meanwhile early on Monday morning, addressing reporters, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County confirmed that 20 people were killed and more than 100 injured. 

While he did not identify the dead gunman, he clarified that the police were now seeking “a companion” named Marilou Danley, a woman he described as Asian and 4-foot-11.

Initial reports stated that the police also checked the Ali Baba Restaurant, which is about a 10-minute drive from the Mandalay Bay.

They also rushed to probe reports of a shooting at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, which is not far from the concert ground.


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