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Top cyber security researcher in Israel comes under attack

Cyber security firm, FireEye revealed

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JERUSALEM, Israel - A top cyber security firm, FireEye revealed on Monday that several of its Israel-based researcher’s online accounts were hacked in a massive attack.

The company reassured that while none of the company systems appeared to be breached, unknown attackers cracked into the researcher's accounts. 

According to reports, the hackers published a zip file that contained roughly 370 megabytes of compromised personal and professional files linked to a cyber security researcher working for Mandiant, the company's cyber forensic consulting unit, which FireEye acquired in 2013.

Later in the day, a FireEye spokesman reiterated that data had been stolen from one its employees, but said there was so far no evidence that the companies' systems were affected. 

The FireEye spokesman said, “We are aware of reports that a Mandiant employee's social media accounts were compromised. We immediately began investigating this situation and took steps to limit further exposure. Our investigation continues, but thus far we have found no evidence FireEye or Mandiant systems were compromised."

Hackers were revealed to have gained access to the researcher’s LinkedIn account and defaced the profile page with various juvenile profanities.

A screenshot of the page was later published on twitter. 

The hackers also claimed that the analyst's passwords, billing address, Amazon account had been compromised.

The company, which is due to report second-quarter results on Tuesday saw its shares trading 4.2 percent lower at 1448 GMT on Nasdaq.

Rustam Mirkasymov, a cyber threat intelligence expert at Group IB, said the attack was "very bad for the cybersecurity community."

Adding, “This incident reveals that sometimes professionals who work in cyber security don't pay enough attention to their own security.”

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