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Foreign investments in Turkmen economy increase

Investment attractiveness of Turkmenistan

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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Nov. 13 By Huseyn Hasanov – Trend: International experts say that investment attractiveness of Turkmenistan, which ranks the second among the Central Asian countries, is growing, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reported.

It is confirmed by considerable growth of foreign investments, according to the report. The volume of foreign investments exceeded the indicators of 2007 by 11-12 times in 2014-2015. Moreover, this volume increased by 3.6 percent in 1H2016 as compared to 2015.

About 650 joint and foreign enterprises, as well as their nearly 1,000 branches and representations from 75 countries were registered in Turkmenistan in early 2016.

Total amount of employees of joint and foreign enterprises was 108-110,000 in recent years.

Priority types of activity were construction (31-34 percent of enterprises), scientific and technical activity (about 1.5 percent), trade (16-17 percent), transportation activity and warehousing (nearly 9 percent), mining industry (8-8.5 percent), processing sector (5.5-8 percent).

Turkey, Iran, Russia, China, the UAE, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Belarus and Ukraine are the most active participants of the Turkmen economy, according to the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper.

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