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Man who carried ISIS’s message to the world is dead!

ISIS has confirmed the death

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RAQQA, Syria - The Islamic State Militant Group (ISIS) is said to have gone into mourning, following the death of its ‘Information Minister.’> Big News Network

Two things stand out from the piece of news - that ‘ISIS’ is in ‘mourning’ after murdering countless people in cold blood and that the militant group is mourning the death of a man, who the Pentagon declared was dead last month. 

On September 7, the Pentagon has said that a U.S.-led coalition air strike had managed to kill a prominent member of the ISIS group in Raqqa. The Pentagon had also released his name and information available about him to the media. 

Pentagon said that ISIS’ minister of information, Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, also known as Dr Wa’il was a prominent member of ISIS’s Senior Shura Council, or leadership group.

He was said to have been targeted in ISIS’s de facto capital in northern Syria, Raqqa and was killed when he was on a motorcycle outside his house. 

Now, ISIS has confirmed the death in a statement posted online. The group paid tribute to Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, who was also known as Abu Mohammed al-Furqan, affirming his “martyrdom” in the statement. 

The statement did not mention when, where or how al-Fayad had died. 

ISIS however added that al-Fayad was head or “emir” of the group’s central media body.

It has been revealed that al-Fayad handled the production of videos that showed torture, executions, gory beheadings of journalists, aid workers, and civilians conducted by ISIS. 

He was also considered to be a close associate of Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, who was the ISIS group spokesman and was also killed on August 30.

Adnani, reportedly was the second highest ranking leader in the terrorist organisation, after its founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Reports noted that during the height of its propaganda blitz in August 2015, ISIS had been circulating over 700 pieces of material through its official outlets in a single month. In a year, the number of circulated material dropped to less than 200. 

Further, the content that the terrorist group circulated also changed, with 70 percent of it focussing on military efforts. 

However, ISIS has, even in the past, declared the death of senior leaders, much after they have been declared dead by the Pentagon. 

Experts believe such a statement has often been followed by a strategy to attack.

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