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Concert of songs, dance and bombs wraps North Korea anniversary

70th birthday party for its ruling Worker Party

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PYONGYANG, North Korea - North Korea wrapped up the 70th birthday party for its ruling Worker's Party on Sunday with a music and dance extravaganza that included a scene of children on a butterfly-collecting trip being killed in a US bombing raid.

With titular head of state Kim Yong-Nam as guest of honor, the open-air show -- held on a floating stage on Pyongyang's Taedong river -- was a chronological tribute to the party's role in shaping the country over the past seven decades.

It ticked every milestone as it went along -- through liberation from Japanese rule and the Korean War, to the struggle of post-war reconstruction.

If the Workers' Party was the focus, the lion's share of credit went to founder leader Kim Il-Sung and his successor and son Kim Jong-Il, whose images were repeatedly projected on a giant screen to applause from the thousands of spectators gathered on the river bank.

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