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Why is the double-headed eagle Russias national symbol?

Roots dating to ancient civilizations Date : February 22, 2018 Reporter : BNN The imperial bird with two heads simultaneously facing East and West has been Russia's official coat of arms for centuries, with only a break during the Soviet era. The emblem, however, is far older than the country, with roots dating to ancient civilizations. An eagle on a country's coat of arms is quite common - this bird is as popular a national symbol as the lion. "He is the king of birds; just like the lion is believed to rule all animals, and he is associated ...Full Story


Russia preparing for war? Anti-missile system tested

Date : February 13, 2018 Reporter : BNN A-135 Anti-Ballistic Missile MOSCOW, Russia - In a bid to prevent any incoming threats, the Russian military said that it had tested a new anti-missile rocket. The military said that the test of interceptor missiles for the A-135 Anti-Ballistic Missile system ...Full Story


'Russian billionaire invested Kremlin money in social media

Date : November 7, 2017 Reporter : BNN Paradise Papers WASHINGTON, U.S. - In a series of documents revealed in a fresh leak dubbed as the Paradise Papers, it has been found that investments in two of the biggest technology and social media giants Facebook and Twitter were directed from ...Full Story


Russia to increase oil export in 2017

Date : December 26, 2016 Reporter : Trend 558,000 barrels per day Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec.26 By Leman Zeynalova – Trend: Russia’s Energy Ministry expects a slight rise in the country’s oil export in 2017, Russia’s deputy energy minister Kirill Molodtsov told reporters Dec.26. ...Full Story


Russia tells citizens: Avoid U.S. travel, we’re being hunted

Date : February 3, 2018 Reporter : BNN Foreign ministry has issued a travel warning MOSCOW, Russia - As ties between the U.S. and Russia continue to worsen, now the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens against traveling to the U.S. The country’s foreign ministry has issued a travel warning that ...Full Story


Why is the double-headed eagle Russias national symbol?

Date : February 22, 2018 Reporter : BNN Roots dating to ancient civilizations The imperial bird with two heads simultaneously facing East and West has been Russia's official coat of arms for centuries, with only a break during the Soviet era. The emblem, however, is far older than the country, with roots ...Full Story


Putin and Netanyahu discuss joint action to fight terrorism

Date : December 22, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Fight terrorism in the Middle East MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone on Tuesday and agreed to coordinate their two countries' actions to fight terrorism in the Middle East. The phone call by ...Full Story


Russian and American prepare to spend a year in space aboard ISS

Date : March 29, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet The yearlong mission will be the longest continuous stay MOSCOW, Russia - American astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko have docked with the International Space Station for the start of a 12-month mission to study the effects of prolonged time in space on the body. ...Full Story


Russian school's decision to ban Muslim girls from classes for wearing hijab sparks outrage

Date : October 17, 2012 Reporter : ANI Sudden change in school policies   Moscow, Oct 16 (ANI): Several Muslim families in Russia have expressed outrage after a school in the country's southern part said girls were not allowed to wear their hijabs. The Mufti of the southern Stavropol ...Full Story


Russia launches 11 satellites from its Vostochny cosmodrome

Date : February 2, 2018 Reporter : BNN Wth its Soyuz rocket MOSCOW, Russia - On Thursday, Russia made its first orbital launch of 2018, with its Soyuz rocket, carrying the country’s two Earth-monitoring satellites. While Russia’s Earth-monitoring satellites were the primary ...Full Story


After safest year on record, 71 killed in Russian jet crash

Date : February 11, 2018 Reporter : BNN Russian airliner crashed on Sunday MOSCOW, Russia - After 2017 was declared as the safest year on record for air travel, a Russian airliner crashed on Sunday, leaving all 71 people onboard dead. Minutes after take-off from Moscow's Domodedovo airport, the Saratov ...Full Story


Russia banned from Winter Olympics over doping allegations

Date : December 6, 2017 Reporter : BNN International Olympic Committee MOSCOW, Russia - The International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday that it was banning Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea over allegations of systematic, state-sponsored doping. The IOC however said that Russian ...Full Story


Russian Presidential Hopeful Speaks for Political Prisoners

Date : October 23, 2017 Reporter : VoA/ BNN Ksenia Sobchak MOSCOW, RUSSIA - A 35-year-old Russian celebrity TV host who wants to become a presidential candidate opened her first news conference on Tuesday by demanding the release of all political prisoners. Ksenia Sobchak announced her ...Full Story

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