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Panasonic develops two-passenger automatic driving vehicle

Two-passenger compact vehicle Date : December 8, 2017 Reporter : ANI Fukui [Japan], December 8. (ANI): Japanese electronic giant Panasonic has developed a two-passenger compact vehicle equipped with its own automatic driving system. It is called "The autonomous driving EV commuter". The Eiheiji Town Government, The Fukui Prefecture Government and Panasonic have jointly started the field test of the experimental autonomous electric vehicle. Even if the elderly cannot drive, they will be able to go anywhere, any time. Mai-road in ...Full Story


Japan Deepens Economic Support for Philippines in Rivalry With China

Date : November 3, 2017 Reporter : VoA/ BNN Philippine President met Japanese Prime Minister TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Japan is deepening its influence in the Philippines to vie with regional rival China, a welcome boost for an infrastructure overhaul program in the relatively poor Southeast Asian country and for Japanese geopolitical ...Full Story


Panasonic develops two-passenger automatic driving vehicle

Date : December 8, 2017 Reporter : ANI Two-passenger compact vehicle Fukui [Japan], December 8. (ANI): Japanese electronic giant Panasonic has developed a two-passenger compact vehicle equipped with its own automatic driving system. It is called "The autonomous driving EV commuter". The ...Full Story


Nissan decides to suspend production for Japanese market

Date : October 21, 2017 Reporter : BNN Nissan would stop production of domestic market TOKYO, Japan - In a bid to address misconduct in its inspection procedures that led to a major recall recently, Nissan has decided to suspend production of all cars for the Japanese market. Production of all cars, the company said ...Full Story


North Korean fishermen mysteriously wash ashore in Japan

Date : November 24, 2017 Reporter : BNN They ended up drifting into Japanese waters TOKYO, Japan - Japanese police said that they had arrested eight men from a boat that washed ashore the coast in Japan. The police said that the men were found in Akita Prefecture at Yurihonjo city's marina late on Thursday and ...Full Story


Japan Marked the 72nd Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

Date : August 6, 2017 Reporter : Big News Network Killing 140,000 people in total Japan celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, the world's agencies said on Sunday. A minute's silence revered the memory of the victims of the bombing, killing 140,000 people in total. ...Full Story


ISIL militants release video claiming to have killed Japanese hostage Kenji Goto

Date : February 1, 2015 Reporter : Trend Japanese government is trying to verify the authenticity Violent jihadists have posted a video online apparently showing the murder of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist, ending days of deadlock over his fate, The Telegraph reported. The one-minute video, posted by the Islamic State in ...Full Story


Following earthquake in Japan, UN stands ready to provide assistance

Date : April 19, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network/ UN Over 40 people died 18 April 2016 -- The United Nations stands ready to provide assistance to Japan following powerful earthquakes that struck Kumamoto province last Thursday and Saturday, killing over 40 people and displacing some 110,000 from their ...Full Story


Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to inventors of blue LEDs

Date : October 7, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet The team of Japanese scientists STOCKHOLM, Norway -- Over 20 years after their invention, the team of Japanese scientists behind blue colored light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, has been recognized with the Nobel Prize for Physics. Found in everything from light bulbs ...Full Story


Toshiba selling medical and consumer-electronics units

Date : March 18, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network Sold to Japanese camera maker Canon TOKYO - Japanese conglomerate Toshiba Corp. is selling its medical and consumer-electronics units in order to raise cash to help fund restructuring after a massive accounting scandal.> Big News Network The Japanese electronics ...Full Story


Maglev train in Japan breaks world record at 590 kilometers per hour

Date : April 19, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Maglev operated by Central Japan Railway TOKYO -- A Japanese train line that uses magnetic charge to lift and move train cars broke a previous speed record on Thursday. The magnetic levitation bullet train, or maglev operated by Central Japan Railway Co., reached 590 ...Full Story


Nishikori of Japan shocks Djokovic in US Open

Date : September 7, 2014 Reporter : ANI Become Japan´s first Grand Slam singles finalist London, Sep 07 (ANI): World number one Novak Djokovic suffered a shock defeat in the semifinals of the US Open to Kei Nishikori, who became Japan's first Grand Slam singles finalist. Nishikori, the first Asian-born male to reach a ...Full Story


Ardent Pokémon Go fans catch 500 million Pokémon in two days

Date : November 23, 2017 Reporter : BNN Region-locked pocket monsters TOKYO, Japan - In a bid to reignite the global craze about the game that lets players go to lengths for region-locked pocket monsters, Pokémon Go developer Niantic kickstarted the Global Catch Challenge. Spurred by the ...Full Story

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