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Asia Today ISSN 1861-4604 Monday, October 23, 2017


Chinese President pledges to build modern socialist country

Socialism with Chinese characteristics Date : October 19, 2017 Reporter : BNN BEIJING, China - Opening the critical Communist Party Congress on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out his visit to build a "modern socialist country" for a "new era" that will still hold the Chinese values, but will be ruled by the party and open to the world. Jinping’s highly anticipated address laid out a confident vision for a more prosperous China and its place in the international community. The Chinese President’s address ...Full Story


Chinese President pledges to build modern socialist country

Date : October 19, 2017 Reporter : BNN Socialism with Chinese characteristics BEIJING, China - Opening the critical Communist Party Congress on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out his visit to build a "modern socialist country" for a "new era" that will still hold the Chinese ...Full Story


China's Weibo Looks to Reward Citizen Censors With iPhones, Tablets

Date : September 28, 2017 Reporter : VoA Social media firm Weibo BEIJING - Chinese social media firm Weibo Corp is looking to recruit citizen censors to help weed out sensitive content on its platform, rewarding those who report the highest numbers of offending posts with iPhones and tablets. The ...Full Story


Huawei revenues hit $60.8 billion in 2015

Date : April 3, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network According to its 2015 annual report SHENZHEN, China - Chinese hardware maker, Huawei has reported a 37 percent revenue growth for 2015.> Big News Network The company has said that its 2015 revenue hit $60.8 billion, fuelled by 73 percent growth in its consumer ...Full Story


China’s consumer price index for September matches forecasts

Date : October 16, 2017 Reporter : BNN GDP grew at 6.9 percent BEIJING, China - Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that China’s consumer price index rose 1.6 percent in September from a year ago. The consumer price index met expectations in the data released on ...Full Story


Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary With Lowered Expectations

Date : June 29, 2017 Reporter : BNN/ VoA 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese sovereignty HONG KONG - Hong Kong will mark the 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese sovereignty with a show of military might, tight security and the presence of China's leader Xi Jinping, but also with lowered expectations among ...Full Story


Asia Pacific vows marine retort as ‘bully’ China approves plans for underwater spy network

Date : June 1, 2017 Reporter : BNN In disputed South China Sea BEIJING, China - In a bid to further establish its dominance in the disputed resource-rich, China on Wednesday said that it has approved a plan to build an underwater observation network across the disputed East and South China ...Full Story


China plans panda preserve 3 times size of Yellowstone

Date : March 30, 2017 Reporter : Big News Network Preserve for the giant panda Beijing - China is planning to create a preserve for the giant panda that will be three times the size of Yellowstone National Park in the western US. The panda preserve will link parts of three western provinces to provide an ...Full Story


Chinese Hospital Says Health of Ailing Dissident, Nobel Laureate Failing

Date : July 12, 2017 Reporter : VoA The hospital announced earlier The hospital treating ailing Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo for late-stage liver cancer says the Nobel Peace laureate's is suffering from respiratory failure. The First Hospital of China Medical University, located in the ...Full Story


New bacteria discovered that could reset medicine to the Dark Ages

Date : November 21, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Discovered bacteria resistant to all antibiotics BEIJING, China - The world is facing a possible post-antibiotic era that could reset modern medicine to the Dark Ages, according to scientists who have discovered bacteria resistant to all antibiotics. The findings of the study were ...Full Story


Chinese cruise market sees unprecedented expansion

Date : October 19, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Cruises from Chinese ports SHANGHAI, China - The Asian cruise market is seeing an unprecedented influx of new cruise ships offering roundtrip cruises from Chinese ports, particularly Shanghai. News about ships being deployed to what is set to become the ...Full Story


Gao Hongbo steps down as Chinas World Cup dream all but over

Date : October 11, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network Qualification for the 2018 World Cup China became the second Asian nation -- after Qatar -- to lose their coach in the final round of qualification for the 2018 World Cup. More will surely follow. Dreams of Russia are as good as over for China. While it was obvious ...Full Story


Hong Kong Singer, Actress Josie Ho Making New Music

Date : September 14, 2017 Reporter : BNN/ VoA Singer and actress is putting out new music HONG KONG - To say that Josie Ho has been busy is an understatement. The Hong Kong singer and actress is putting out new music, touring Asia and has shot a new travel show on TLC. Together with her indie rock band, Josie and the ...Full Story

China Capital: Beijing

Form: Peopl`s Republic Independence: 1 October 1949 (Replaced Qing Dynasty) ChineseYuan: 100 CNY = 12.79 EUR
Index 2010 2011 Unit
Population 1,289 1,343 Millions
Total Area 9,596,961 9,596,961
Export 1,768,542 1,898,325 Mill. Euro
Import 1,532,437 1,694,472 Mill. Euro
GDP 10,448,876 10,448,876 Mill. Euro
GDP per capita 8,350 8,500 Euro
GDP Grouth 8.9 9.2 Per Cent
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