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German political deadlock ends, SPD approves coalition talks

BERLIN, Germany - Ending a prolonged political deadlock in Germany, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) voted at a special party congress in Bonn, to begin formal coalition talks with

Merkel, Macron Look to Turn Warm Ties Into Reform Goals

PARIS - Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron will spend more than five hours together in Paris on Friday, putting on a show of Franco-German unity as they try to agree on reforms

EU: Treating Rights as Optional Extra

(Brussels) - The European Union and its member states were too often willing to set aside human rights in 2017, but there were glimpses of a more principled approach, Human Rights Watch said today

Faced with Russian aggression, Sweden prepares its citizens

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Faced with perceived Russian aggression, Sweden has revamped its defense strategy in recent months. Now, responding to the threats, Sweden is reportedly preparing to issue

London Mayor heckled by protesters backing Brexit, Trump

LONDON, U.K. - A day after criticizing the U.S. President Donald Trump following his decision to cancel his trip to the U.K., the London Mayor Sadiq Khan was heckled by Trump supporters during a

Things Trump blames for scrapped London trip: Obama, Embassy

LONDON, U.K. - Gripped with raging controversies, the U.S. President Donald Trump raked up another one overnight, after cancelling a planned trip to London. Trump was believed to have canceled

Merkel unveils coalition deal, hails new dawn for Europe

BERLIN, Germany - On Friday, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel unveiled a coalition deal between her conservative bloc and the Social Democrats and hailed a “new dawn for Europe.”

Stockholm explosion: Man killed as hand grenade explodes

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Police in Stockholm have announced an investigation after a man was killed in a hand grenade explosion. On Sunday, officials said that the 60-year-old man suffered severe

Germany awaits a new government, as top leaders huddle up

BERLIN, Germany - German leaders are expected to begin talks on forming a new government in Berlin this weekend. Leaders from three parties will head to the negotiating table, in a bid to give

Merkel’s 2018 agenda: Forge stable government, unite the EU

BERLIN, Germany - In her New Year’s Eve speech to the nation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to implement a two-point agenda - forging a stable government and uniting the European

Germany claims post-Brexit U.K. a model for Turkey, Ukraine

BERLIN, Germany - In light of ongoing negotiations on Brexit, the German foreign minister has now suggested that post-Brexit U.K. is a model for Turkey and Ukraine. German Foreign Minister

World wonders what nuclear North Korea will do next

PYONGYANG, North Korea - Outraged by a fresh round of sanctions, imposed by the UN Security Council on North Korea, the country has fired back more warnings, all targeted the U.S. On Sunday,

Pope Francis: Faith Demands Migrants Be Welcomed

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis strongly defended immigrants at his Christmas Eve Mass on Sunday, comparing them to Mary and Joseph finding no place to stay in Bethlehem and saying faith demands that

After Brexit, British passports will be navy blue

LONDON, U.K. - After Brexit, U.K. Home Office has now said that British passports will be navy blue, with the burgundy model, that is required under the EU membership being replaced. According

Top Ukrainian interpreter accused of spying for Russia

KIEV, Ukraine - On Thursday, a top Ukrainian government interpreter was detailed, following accusations of spying for Russia.  The security service of Ukraine said that it had opened a

Berlinale 2018: first ten films have been selected for the Competition

Berlinale 2018: The first ten films have been selected for the Competition and the Berlinale Special. repopts the Berlinale Press office. Benoit Jacquot, Gus Van Sant, Alexey German Jr.,

German minister: Country needs anti-Semitism commissioner

BERLIN, Germany - Claiming that each crime motivated by anti-Semitism is shameful for Germany, the country’s interior minister called for the creation of an anti-Semitism officer.

Ambassador: Paris-Sorbonne University supports educational projects in Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 18 Trend: Paris-Sorbonne University supports educational projects in Azerbaijan, French ambassador to Azerbaijan Aurelia Bouchez said in Baku Dec. 18. Bouchez made

In contrast to 2016 poll, now 51% Britons want to stay in EU

LONDON, U.K. - In what has come as a near reversal of last year's Brexit referendum result, now a poll has found that more than half of Britons now want to stay in EU. The BMG poll of

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