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Kara Wai to Receive Excellence in Asian Cinema Award

HONG KONG - Hong Kong actress Kara Wai says she is ecstatic over receiving this year's Asian Film Awards' Excellence in Asian Cinema Award. "This is not an acting award, it's

After eight years, Google to relaunch map service in China

BEIJING, China - Nikkei has confirmed that after an eight-year absence, Alphabet Inc's Google will relaunch its map service in China. It said that it has set up a China-specific version of

Explosions Again Hampering Rescue Of Iranian Tanker Crew

An Iranian oil tanker that has been on fire and drifting in the East China Sea since last week has experienced several more explosions, hampering efforts to put out the fire and rescue 31 missing

As political landscape changes, China-France vow better ties

BEIJING, China - Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron in Beijing and both the leaders have vowed closer cooperation on multiple issues. The Presidents

Iran oil tanker collides off China’s coast, dozens missing

BEIJING, China - An Iranian oil tanker caught fire after a collision off China's coast leaving 32 crew members missing. The oil tanker called the Sanchi tanker, carrying Iranian oil, which

Flight from Chicago to Hong Kong forced to land

HONG KONG, China - United Airlines revealed on Saturday that it was forced to divert a plane scheduled to go from Chicago to Hong Kong after the plane’s toilets were vandalized. 

China wants Pak's 'sacrifice to fight against terror' to get recognized

Beijing [China], Jan 2 (ANI): China on Tuesday backed Pakistan and stated that all should recognise "Pakistan's endeavour and sacrifice to fight against terror."  

World’s first missile that can hit target in seconds tested

BEIJING, China - China is said to have successfully tested its new DF-17 hypersonic missile that can reportedly reshape the nuclear weapons technology. U.S. officials confirmed that China had

Best-sellers that boosted global gaming revenues in 2017

CALIFORNIA, U.S. - This year, not only did the global gaming industry see its revenues being boosted by 7.8 percent, but the number of gamers across the world saw a dramatic rise too.

Thousands held in China over misuse of information

BEIJING, China - Chinese officials revealed that as many as 11,000 people had been held in the country over misuse of citizens’ personal information. The report was based on

Is China preparing for Korean war Troops urged to mobilize

BEIJING, China - Anticipating a war on the Korean peninsula over the next few months, a former senior commander of China’s military has urged Beijing to mobilise its troops. On Monday,

Russian-Chinese computer-assisted air defense drills begins

BEIJING, China - In a bid to bolster cooperation between the two countries’ armies, Russia and China began the second ever computer-assisted air defense drills. The first ever

China vows not to close the doors on global internet

BEIJING, China - Addressing the situation in China in connection with the global internet, Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed that the country will not close its door to the global

Skype removed from Apple, Android app stores in China

BEIJING, China - Citing non-compliance of local law, Skype, and several other apps were reportedly removed from the Apple and Android app stores in China. In a statement, Apple said that

As China and Russia grow in power, NATO expresses fears

PARIS, France - With reports indicating a major worldwide shift in power from North America and western Europe to China and Russia - NATO officials have pointed out how this could lead to

Trump Presses China on North Korea, But Beijing Has Its Own Agenda: Analysts

As China rolled out the red carpet in a lavish official welcome for visiting U.S. President Donald Trump, signing U.S.$250 billion worth of economic cooperation agreements, pressing Beijing to act

Xi Jinping is China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong

BEIJING, China - In a unanimous vote conducted at the end of China’s most important twice-a-decade political meeting, the Communist Party Congress, the country’s president Xi Jinping

Tesla set to enter China with new factory in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, China - In a bid to enter the world’s largest market for automobiles, China - the California-based carmaker, Tesla is now said to have closed a deal with Shanghai to set up a new

China shuts thousands of factories as pollution levels rise

BEIJING, China - With much of the country plagued with pollution issues, the Chinese government has now finally launched a serious crackdown - enforcing its environmental laws. In the

Chinese President pledges to build modern socialist country

BEIJING, China - Opening the critical Communist Party Congress on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out his visit to build a "modern socialist country" for a "new

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