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AsiaToday in Europe ( is an Asian Economic Journal; its first German print version was published in July 2006 by South Asia Forum e.V. Berlin. In the year 2007 AsiaToday went online and started its online reporting in English on socio-economic developments in Asia with a European perspective. In July 2012 AsiaToday established an online portal, presenting all Asian countries with news and in-depth information on business, politics, and socio-culture, comparing them to those in industrial countries.

There are several reasons European investors choose to relocate manufacturing operations to Asia. Europe has been Asia’s major trading partners over the last 10 years. These European countries comprise more than half of all Asian exports. For that reason, AsiaToday places a strong emphasis on European companies and investors who have invested in Asia.

AsiaToday has now been launched in almost all European top-level-domain country codes. AsiaToday brings readers not only the latest news but also the stories behind the headlines; based in Berlin, it has correspondents in major Asian cities and key Western metropolises, including Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

AsiaToday aggregates news from a number of news partners and Global event partners, which include national news agencies, NGO, nonprofits org, news publishers, educational institutions, PR marketers, charity, social service, event organizers, trade fairs, bloggers, etc. Last but not least, AsiaToday has developed a new form of citizen journalism, which means interested non-professionals can register with us as freelance contributors to provide fresh, individual slants on news and events.

AsiaToday’s new CMS portal has developed an index page with up-to-date news and events of emerging Asian market countries. AsiaToday has also portrayed individual pages for all 50 Asian nations with socio-politics and business, evaluating the process of rapid growth and industrialization in Asia with a European perspective.

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