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No entry! Germany bans Turkish bodyguards involved in D.C. skirmish from ever setting foot on German soil

Turkish bodyguards were served with criminal charges

June 27, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail BERLIN, Germany - In what is set to sour ties between Germany and Turkey further - German authorities are said to have clarified that Turkish bodyguards that were involved in the D.C. skirmish wouldn’t be allowed in the country. > BNN A spokesman for the German ...Full Story

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Hong Kong activists hold China protest ahead of Xi trip

Umbrella Movement rallies

June 27, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters on Monday draped a black flag over a statue symbolising the city's return to China by Britain, days before a visit by President Xi Jinping to mark 20 years since the handover. High-profile student campaigner Joshua Wong and a dozen ...Full Story

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Dubai ranked world’s 20th most expensive city for expats, while Abu Dhabi rises two places from last year

Cost of housing, goods and services

June 22, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail DUBAI, U.A.E. - According to a survey released by Mercer, Dubai has been ranked as the world’s 20th most expensive city for expats to live in the world.> BNN Mercer’s 2017 cost of living survey has revealed that the rising cost of housing and good have led ...Full Story

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The Bangladeshi professor defending nature with his life

Sundarbans might lose their UNESCO listing

June 28, 2017, Reporter : BDNews24

gallery thumbnail Veteran Bangladeshi academic-activist Anu Muhammad is no stranger to death threats, beatings, persecution and arrest so when the professor of economics received a chilling text message shortly after midnight, it barely registered. "Death keeps no calendar, and ...Full Story


French President Macron Creates New Counterterrorism Unit

A campaign promise of Macron

June 7, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail PARIS - French President Emmanuel Macron is holding a special meeting Wednesday aimed at creating a new counterterrorism unit, in the presence of ...Full Story

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