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Erdogan Becomes Dictator by Climbing up Ladder of Democracy!

Post-plebiscite situation in Turkey

April 20, 2017, Reporter : Iran Front Page

gallery thumbnail The constitutional referendum in Turkey was held at a time when its outcome was promising for neither side, even for President Erdogan who won the contest. Now the post-plebiscite situation in Turkey is a very tough and sensitive one. Many believe social rifts in the country ...Full Story

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Co-op within Azerbaijan-Turkey-Russia format to strengthen stability in region – FM (Exclusive)

Azerbaijan and good relationship with Russia

April 24, 2017, Reporter : Trend

gallery thumbnail Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.23 Trend: The cooperation within the trilateral Azerbaijan-Turkey-Russia format can strengthen the stability in South Caucasus region, said Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The minister’s remarks came as a response to the ...Full Story

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Re-election defeat of Jakarta’s first Christian governor in generations dubbed as victory for Indonesia’s conservative Muslims

Victory for Indonesia’s conservative Muslims

April 19, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail JAKARTA, Indonesia - In what is being widely seen as a victory for Indonesia’s conservative Muslims - the Jakarta’s first Christian governor in generations, Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama conceded his loss in a re-election bid on Wednesday. > ...Full Story

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Spy planes, bombers intercepted in international airspace off the coast of Alaska

A Russian show of power

April 20, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail WASHINGTON, U.S. - Over the last week, U.S. defense officials have made sightings of Russian bombers off the Alaskan coast. Two U.S. officials have said that Russian Bear bombers and spy planes buzzed Alaskan airspace on Thursday night. A day earlier, two Russian spy ...Full Story


Ivanka Trump says her father is a ‘tremendous champion’ for women

Gets booed and hissed by German crowd

April 26, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail BERLIN, Germany - As unexpected as Ivanka Trump’s presence at an economic conference in Berlin was, reactions to her speech were equally ...Full Story

Russia looms over French election

Possible attempts by Russia to also sway the French vote

April 4, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail Paris - Russia looms large over France's presidential election, with candidates on the hard left, right and far right all promising to improve ...Full Story

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