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India, Australia, Japan discuss maritime security, counter-terrorism

Three countries also discussed the economic cooperation

December 14, 2017, Reporter : ANI

gallery thumbnail New Delhi [India], Dec 13 (ANI): India, Australia and Japan on Wednesday stressed the need for greater collaboration on maritime security and domain awareness and disaster response capabilities.   Renewing their resolve to fight the scourge of terrorism in all ...Full Story

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Invincible Kim Jong Un punishes army to avoid an uprising

House arrest plot

December 11, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail PYONGYANG, North Korea - In an attempt to stay invincible, the North Korean despot is known to use some brutal methods.  According to an expert on the North Korean regime, Kim Jong Un punishes his top military chiefs in a bid to avoid falling prey to a house arrest ...Full Story

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Explosion rattles NYC’s busiest transit hub, suspect nabbed

Times Square and Port Authority subway stations

December 11, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail NEW YORK, U.S. - An explosion rattled one of the busiest transit hubs in New York City on Monday morning, forcing authorities to evacuate hundreds of commuters and causing chaos. In the incident, authorities said that the explosion was reported in Manhattan - during which ...Full Story

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Russian-Chinese computer-assisted air defense drills begins

Airspace Security - 2016

December 12, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail BEIJING, China - In a bid to bolster cooperation between the two countries’ armies, Russia and China began the second ever computer-assisted air defense drills. The first ever ‘Airspace Security - 2016’ was held in May last year and this year, the ...Full Story


Britain and European Commission clinch deal

To move Brexit talks forward

December 9, 2017, Reporter : BNN/ The Hindu

gallery thumbnail Britain and the European Union struck a deal on Friday to move on to talk about trade and a transition period after they agreed the outline of ...Full Story

Trump's Twitter frenzy souring ties between U.S. and U.K.

retweeting a series of inflammatory anti-Muslim videos

December 2, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail WASHINGTON, U.S. - The U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday sparked global outrage after retweeting a series of inflammatory anti-Muslim ...Full Story

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