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Mayhem over Facebook post

1 killed as police try to contain violence

November 11, 2017, Reporter : The Daily Star

gallery thumbnail A man was killed and 20 others were hurt after police fired rubber bullets and teargas shells as violence flared up in Horkoli Thakurpara village of Rangpur yesterday over an alleged Facebook post “demeaning Islam”, reports the  daily Star. At least 30 ...Full Story

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Siemens announces worldwide layoffs as it revamps company

SIEMENS will be cutting about 6,900 jobs worldwide

November 16, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail BERLIN, Germany - Grappling with a sharp drop in orders for power-plant equipment, Europe’s biggest engineering company, Siemens has announced that it will be cutting about 6,900 jobs worldwide. The layoffs of about 6,900 positions worldwide announced by the company ...Full Story

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Trump Not Invited to Paris Climate Summit Next Month

Only president not to be invited to the Paris

November 8, 2017, Reporter : VoA/ BNN

gallery thumbnail PARIS, FRANCE - French authorities say U.S. President Donald Trump is not among more than 100 world leaders invited to Paris for a climate summit next month. French President Emmanuel Macron plans a summit to push his 'Make our Planet Great Again' agenda on Dec. ...Full Story

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HRW Rohingya Women Gang Raped by Myanmar Soldiers

interviews with 52 Rohingya women and girls

November 15, 2017, Reporter : VoA/BNN

gallery thumbnail Burmese soldiers have gang raped Rohingya women in continued violence against the Muslim minority in the Rakhine state, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Human Rights Watch cited firsthand interviews with 52 Rohingya women and girls who fled to Bangladesh and ...Full Story


Yunus gets honorary citizenship of Paris

The summit was kicked off in French capital, Paris

November 6, 2017, Reporter : Pratham Alo

gallery thumbnail Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo on Monday formally handed over the honorary citizenship of the French capital to Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus.Paris ...Full Story

In response to U.S., Russia tightens rules for foreign media

Apparent response to the U.S., Russian authorities

November 16, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail MOSCOW, Russia - In what came as an apparent response to the U.S., Russian authorities on Wednesday, decided to tighten their stranglehold on ...Full Story

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