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Why is Donald Trump fighting the fourth estate of democracy?

This is an unacceptable development

February 25, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail WASHINGTON, U.S. - It has just been one month since Donald Trump rose to power as the American President and his decisions are already trickling down the system, and spreading across the country - leaving a mix of shock and awe.  His infamous and ongoing battle with ...Full Story

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French presidential candidate Le Pen embroiled in scandal

As rival Macron makes massive strides in Presidential race

February 23, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail PARIS, France - French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen suffered a blow after her chief of staff and bodyguard became the subject of a formal judicial investigation into whether they were paid by Le Pen for fake European Parliament jobs.> BNN The presidential ...Full Story

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Natig Aliyev: SGC project cost not to exceed $40B

No problems with financing

February 23, 2017, Reporter : Trend

gallery thumbnail Baku, Azerbaijan, Feb. 23 By Maksim Tsurkov – Trend: Total cost of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) project after its implementation will not exceed $40 billion, said Azerbaijan’s Energy Minister Natig Aliyev. He made the remarks at a press conference held ...Full Story

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Impact of Trump’s victory is felt all the way in Germany, Social Democrats see resurgence

Schulz is gaining momentum in the run-up to the elections

February 18, 2017, Reporter : BNN

gallery thumbnail BERLIN, Germany - The reverberations of Donald Trump's unexpected election last year are being felt all the way in Germany, resulting in the unexpected surge of the Left.> BNN Martin Schulz, chairman of the Social Democrats (SDP) is staging a surprisingly strong ...Full Story


Iran Eyes Joint Investment with Sweden

Safety equipment for power plants

February 13, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani voiced the country's willingness to make joint products with Sweden for exports to regional ...Full Story

Ex-Foreign Minister Steinmeier is Germanys new president

Moral Authority

February 13, 2017, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail Berlin - German lawmakers elected Frank-Walter Steinmeier by an overwhelming majority on Sunday to be the country's new president.> BNN ...Full Story

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